Mobilizing Biblical Soul Care


An Invitation to Pastors, Leaders and Church Members


We will train 1 in Biblical Soul Care for Every 50 people in Your Church

Our Step Up Strategy equips each believer to become a biblical encourager, coach or counselor in the ministry of changing lives.

This team approach equips encouragers to nurture needed hope/relational discipleship, coaches to nurture needed habit development/personalized discipleship, and counselors to nurture needed heart change/intensive discipleship.

Watch the 4-Minute Intro Video

Our STEP UP Program and Counselor Mentorships is tailored for a generation ready to make a profound difference in countless lives for Christ. The biblical insights, methods and resources that you will learn from our equipping will revolutionize your counseling. This material equips hundreds of Christians to help change hundreds of lives and families. (View testimonies.)

"Every Problem a Solution,
Every Believer a Part."

Our center, located in Charleston, South Carlina, has 
21 counselors assisting
in 4000+ sessions each year
with 400 recipients of biblical care each month

We want to multiply this through your church at the level God has ordained.


Do you sense a calling to soul care ministry  - encourager, coach, counselor? Then enroll in "Change that Sticks: Foundations of Biblical Counseling" tody

Enroll in Foundations:Change That Sticks 

Once you complete the Foundations Course (Change That Sticks), you can achieve an LCBCC Soul Care Certificate or ACBC Certification.

Three Levels of Mentorship

Develop Counseling Skills & a Counseling Ministry in Your Church or Community through one of our mentorship programs.

The Counseling Mentorship gives you the opportunity to be personally mentored to effectively encourage, coach and counsel any person in any problem.

The Ministry Development Mentorship starts or strengthens a ministry in Biblical Counseling in your church or community.

Interested in a Counseling Mentorship
Interested in a Ministry Mentorships? 

There is a need in your church and community - Step-Up with confidence.

What is your calling? (Encourager, Coach or Counselor?)

We will equip and mobilize a team within your church to offer biblical counseling. 

The process requires as  1-2 years.

STEP-UP gives the vision, lays the foundation, and begins the process

Members Accelerate the Vision

- Free enrollment for members on all certification courses

Experienced supervision on difficult counseling cases

- Experienced coaching on developing a counseling ministry

-Access to hundreds of case-tested counseling resources 


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